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Family Spirit, who are we?

Welcome to Family Spirit, a passionate company founded by 4 dedicated entrepreneurs. Our expertise lies in the sale of quality spirits, craft beers, carefully selected wines, and innovative tonics. Each product is meticulously chosen, reflecting our values of authenticity, quality, and innovation.

We firmly believe that each sip contributes to creating a memorable experience. That is why we strive to satisfy the most discerning palates by offering a diverse and refined selection. We place great importance on maintaining lasting relationships with our customers. These bonds are the foundation of our company and guide us in our quest for quality and excellence..

When we founded our company, our main goal was to celebrate the familial and warm character of beverages, whether they are sparkling, soft, or alcoholic. We believe that every drink has its place and can adapt to any occasion, like a versatile tool similar to a Swiss army knife.

That is why we offer you a range of varied services to showcase the diversity of beverages in any situation, emphasizing their conviviality and their ability to bring people together.

What do we offer?​

Discover our e-shop

Discover our e-shop and dive into a refined universe where the best spirits, wines, craft beers, and quality soft drinks await you. Let yourself be captivated by our exquisite selection and find the perfect drink for every occasion.

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Draught/keg service

We offer a Pump Rental Service with matching keg sales. Rent our high-end pump and choose from our selection of premium kegs for unparalleled freshness. Easy to install and use, our service ensures a superior tasting experience.

Corporate Gifts

Offer elegance and refinement with our gift sets. From alcoholic beverages to non-alcoholic alternatives, each set is an experience to savor. Ideal for thanking, celebrating, or simply pleasing.

Customized Products

Are you looking for a touch of originality? We have an exceptional offer for you. Imagine creating your own beers: choose the bottle, select your favorite beer, and personalize the label to your liking. And guess what? This opportunity also extends to our wine bottles. A proposition that lacks no charm, doesn't it?

Our fridge service

Home or office delivery, directly to your fridge, with our finest products. It sounds incredible, doesn't it? Yet, that's exactly what we do. Opt for our monthly subscription and enjoy regular, fully personalized deliveries according to your preferences. You compose your selection each month.

Tasting of our products

Explore a world of flavors with our wine, beer, and soft drink tastings. Each glass is a story to discover. Join us for an unforgettable tasting experience.

Price and volume-adapted formats

Imagine all our products adapting to all our formats. Fascinating, isn't it? We transform our bottles into bag-in-box, our beers into kegs, for a tailor-made experience at your events. But that's not all: pre-made cocktails in kegs, sparkling waters, and many other products are also available to make your events absolutely sensational.

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